Does Your Child Have These Critical Characteristics?

Does Your Child Have These Critical Characteristics?

It’s been a question parents have posed to themselves for generations. What traits and characteristics does my child need to improve the odds of their success in the future? While there are multiple opinions on these, here are the five that seem to appear the most.

1. Respect

One key trait you should instill in a child is respect, a more far-reaching characteristic than most think. There’s respect for the elderly, parents, teachers, and peers. There’s respect for property and, perhaps most importantly, self-respect.

2. Curiosity

A healthy sense of curiosity is critical to the continued development of your child. Sure, it can be challenging to answer all those “why” questions, but consider it the price of curiosity. It is a trait they hopefully will continue to enjoy into adulthood.

3. Integrity

People eventually gravitate towards those with integrity and who are guided by doing the right thing. Every major religion espouses the virtues of living a life with integrity and getting started as a child lays a solid foundation for it.

4. Resilience

Who doesn’t want a child who displays resilience and bounces back from adversity? If you fall down, get back up again. Try, try again. Anything worthwhile is worth working for. You only fail when you give up. The world is full of anecdotes. We need more resilient children.

5. Social Skills

Being able to work with others is invaluable in life. This involves getting beyond shyness and learning the power of a firm handshake and eye contact. It can start by simply teaching a child to say hello and introducing themselves to other children.

How would you rate your child on the above? While it is not a definitive list, it can help determine if your child is on a solid path.

Making sure your child develops into a well-rounded human is a part of a parent’s responsibility. So is helping to ensure their financial future. Life insurance can help accomplish that. Contact us for a no-obligation price quote on a life insurance program for you.

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