Attorney Advertising and Your Business

Attorney Advertising and Your Business

Prior to 1977, state legislatures and bar associations could dictate whether attorneys and legal firms could advertise. While bar associations still have an impact on how and what their members can say on the radio, TV, print, billboards, and digital media, those in the legal profession can largely advertise their services like other professionals. It is the marketing messages some are sending to consumers that should make business owners take notice.

Many of these messages are targeted to two areas.

Slip and Falls

Some lawyers are encouraging those who have been injured in a slip and fall to seek compensation from businesses, especially if there is a loss of income and medical expenses. Many times, it is suggested that larger settlements or judgments can be sought when significant pain and suffering is an issue. Consumers are encouraged to contact the legal firm for a no-cost consultation to see if their case merits moving forward. If the firm decides the case warrants legal action, they will take on the case at “no cost” to the injured party unless the legal action results in a financial victory. The legal firm, of course, retains a significant part of any settlement or judgment as their payment.

Safety and Security

The second aspect of the current trend in legal advertising is pointing out to consumers that businesses are responsible for their safety and security while on the business’ property. If they get robbed, assaulted, or otherwise harmed by a stranger or employee while conducting business, the company may be held liable.

The challenge for businesses is that all of this is true. If someone is injured in a slip or fall due to neglect or ignoring a leaky roof, the business can be held responsible. If someone is attacked in a business parking lot that is too dark because of insufficient lighting, the business may get sued. These attorneys know this, and they are increasingly promoting it to recruit new prospective clients.

The solution? Business liability insurance.

It can cover the legal costs or any action taken against your business and cover the expense of any judgment or settlement. If you do not have business insurance, you are flying without a net, and these legal firms know it. Contact us for a no-obligation quote on business insurance today. These law firms are looking out for their business. You should too.

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