Out of State Accident

Going out of town is such an adventure. You get to explore and see a whole different landscape than you’re used to. In the movies, the adventurer typically comes across a conflict in the environment. The same could happen to you. You should be knowledgeable and prepared.

The conflict you could easily face while on your out-of-town adventure could be a car accident. Unlike skilled actors in the movies, you could start to panic at the unfamiliarity of your surroundings. So, what should you do in an out of state car accident?

Take deep breaths; try to calm yourself down. The steps following the accident are similar to an accident near your home.

  1. Call the police.
  2. If you are injured, ask for an ambulance.
  3. Take pictures and gather insurance information.
  4. If any witnesses have pulled over, the police should be talking to them and gathering their information.
  5. As soon as possible, call your insurance company to report a claim. 

If I’m out of state, will my insurance still cover my accident?
Yes. Typically, your insurance will follow your car to all the states.

What if I have the state’s minimum limits on my policy?
Every state’s minimum limits differ. If the state you get into an accident in has higher limits than your home state, the insurance company will adjust your limits to be that of the other state’s limits. If your limits are higher than the state where your accident took place, they will not lower the limits. They will not take coverage away; instead, they will maintain your purchased limits.

How will I get the damages repaired?
You will have to be patient when dealing with an out of state accident. Typically, your insurance company will tow your car to the nearest repair shop. It will take a few days for the insurance company to work through your claim. If necessary, an adjuster will come to declare your car totaled or not. Depending on your coverages, it is possible that your insurance company will reimburse you for your stay at a nearby hotel.

If you go out of state often, it’s vital that you have rental car coverage on your policy. That way, if damages take longer than a few days to repair, you’ll be able to return home.

By: KayLynn P.

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