Snow-Shoveling Safety Tips

What’s your favorite part about winter?
I bet I can guess.

It’s shoveling your driveway after it snows, isn’t it?

Here is a list of tips that can keep you safe and make the shoveling easier for you this winter.

  • First of all, be aware that snow shoveling can be dangerous to your health. The heavy loads of snow can put a strain on your muscles. Also, the cold temperatures mixed with physical exertion can actually put some people at a higher risk for a heart attack due to the increase of the heart’s workload. Be aware of your health.
  • Wake up a little extra early to get your muscles warmed up. Walk around and stretch. It is strenuous work that you should prepare for.
  • Put on multiple layers of clothing to insulate your warmth.
  • Find the proper shovel. There are multiple different designs with different sizes and types of handles. Ergonomic, a scooper, a pusher, a steel-tipped design, some even have wheels. The kind of design you need depends on your driveway, your budget, and your preference.
  • Use proper shoveling technique. The technique you use to shovel your driveway can help to prevent injury.
    • Bend your knees. Lift using your legs. Keep the blade close to you.
    • If possible, push the snow to the edge of the driveway instead of lifting. This significantly decreases your chance of injury.
    • When the snow is deep, shovel it in layers. Do a little bit at a time, as snow can be heavy.
  • Wet snow is heavier. The best time to shovel is soon after a snowfall when the snow is still fluffy.
  • Shovel in a path that works well with the design of your driveway. For example, start in the middle, pushing the snow out to the sides.
    • Think ahead about your path to prevent accidentally pushing snow into an area of the driveway that has already been shoveled.
    • You don’t want to make huge piles, as the snow could topple over right back onto your driveway.
  • Stay hydrated.

When you’re done shoveling, reward yourself with a delicious, steamy beverage and enjoy the winter wonderland surrounding you.

By: KayLynn P.

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