Thoughts About Naming a New Business

Thoughts About Naming a New Business

Do you have a small business? You probably remember exactly why you named it what you did. There are multiple approaches to naming a business, ranging from the practical to the personal. Here’s a look at some of those approaches and the positive and negative aspects of each.

A Family Focused Name

Family associated names can convey a personal approach. They tend to put your reputation on the line. Example names could include last names like “Smith’s Plumbing and Heating” or “Jones and Sons Landscaping.”

First Name Companies

It couldn’t get any more homespun or friendly than naming a business after the primary stakeholder. There’s something simple and attractive about names like “Lisa’s Pet Grooming,” “Mark’s Electric,” or “Steve’s Storage.”

Alphabetically Friendly

When the yellow pages were a critical source for finding products and services, some businesses chose an alphabetically-friendly name to keep their name at the top of their business category. It is why companies use “A-1,” “AAA,” “Acme,” or “Apex” in their business names. With digital searches, it is less critical today, but many still subscribe to the practice.

Community Focus

Since many search by product name and location today, community names are playing a role in business names. “Smithville Plumbing,” “Anytime Real Estate,” or “Smallville Remodeling” could pay dividends.

Names That Convey Size and Strength

Small businesses can often benefit from creating an impression of size and experience. “Gold Metal Roofing,” “Legacy Bookkeeping and Accounting,” and “Five-Star Landscaping” are a few examples.

A business name can help with branding and can even make a company easier to transfer or sell in the future. It is worth giving some serious thought and research to.

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