Why Now is a Good Time to Compare Car Insurance Rates

Why Now is a Good Time to Compare Car Insurance Rates

Are you getting the best possible coverage at a fair price for your automobile insurance? Some people only compare rates while others will make the effort to make “apples to apples” comparisons when it comes to coverage. Still others just keep paying their premiums whether because they are paid automatically or they just don’t want the hassle of changing insurance companies. There are reasons however, that now, right now, is a good time to compare. Here’s why.

  • Most consumers don’t compare rates for years. Insurance companies know this. Some companies will edge rates upward in small increments as not to cause too much financial pain. Simply put, they would prefer you don’t compare. That should tell you something.
  • As you age, lower rates are often available. This is especially true if you are 25 years or older. Insurance companies find older drivers more responsible and less risky. This can result in savings.
  • Life circumstances change. Did you know that married drivers often qualify for lower automobile insurance rates than single ones? You may not need to be driving a mini-van to qualify for these rates. Just contact one of our independent insurance agents to see how much savings you can qualify for if you have recently married.
  • People are driving less today. The popularity of working from home means less exposure on the roads for many drivers and certainly less miles. This can translate in significant savings.
  • Many auto insurance companies can now offer lower rates. In many states, regulations require insurance rate adjustments be submitted by companies on an annual basis, based on the previous years incidents. Many car insurance companies are just starting to be able to offer lower rates based on less than expected losses resulting from the pandemic. Now is a great time to see how much you can save!

The bottom line is that it is always a good idea to compare, but now is an exceptionally good time. There may be lower rates waiting for you and all it takes is a call to one of our independent insurance agents. Our agents can compare the rates from multiple companies to see how you can benefit best. We look forward to assisting you in taking advantage of your present conditions when it comes to auto insurance. Contact us today.

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