Five Things About Local Media You Should Know To Grow Your Business

Five Things About Local Media You Should Know To Grow Your Business

If you have a small business and rely heavily on your local market for the success of that business, you should take some time to learn about your local advertising media. This could include your local radio stations, newspaper or “shopper’, billboards and online opportunities.

Of course, local media is in business of selling. They want to sell you ads. But they also are there to help you sell. Here are five things about local media you may not have given much thought to.

They Are On Your Side

Generally, local media serve as cheerleaders for the community and local businesses. Their success depends on the success of the business community and those who support them. Local media is often well-connected with local organizations, the Chamber of Commerce and local government and safety forces.

They Have Free Creative Resources That Can Help You

Local media is a terrific resource for creativity. Most have at least some form of a creative department that can create “speculative” ads that can demonstrate their capabilities. These “spec” ads are a great way to see how you will look in print or sound on a radio ad without committing to an expensive ad campaign.

You Can Do More Than Just “Buy Ads”

Local media can often be flexible in how they sell ads. You may be able to work out a payment plan that is part cash and part “barter” where you can trade services for ad space. You also may be able to create a promotion where your product or services can serve as a prize. Let them know you are willing to think out-of-the-box to get additional exposure.

They are Eager for Local Content

Local medias are usually very receptive to accepting local content from area professionals. This can help you gain visibility and is an opportunity to position yourself as an expert in your field. When gas prices skyrocket, a mechanic can submit an article about gas saving maintenance tips. A jeweler can do a radio call-in or news story about how to not get ripped off when buying jewelry for Valentine’s Day.

They May Offer More Options Than What You Think

Many media resources offer more marketing services than just their main platform. They may also be able to assist you with direct mail or even online services. Be sure to ask about the full array of marketing services your local media may offer.

When contacting local media be upfront and honest. Let them know you are a local business looking for marketing help and would like to learn more about how their media can help.

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